Remotely Install EntityFramework 4.1 with psexec and gacutil

I updated an website to use EntityFramework 4.1 Update 1. While I had no problems installing it on my dev machine, on the production machine the installer wasn't able to install the EntityFramework.dll on GAC. The reason is simple, there is no SDK installed.

I can't RDC on the production server, but I have a hidden shared folder, named "adrian$".

To install EntityFramework on the production machine I needed psexec, able to start and run gacutil. As I said, gacutil was not installed, because there is no SDK, so I copied the .Net 4.0 version (from C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0A\bin\NETFX 4.0 Tools) on my shared folder "adrian$\gacutil" together with gacutlrc.dll from 1033 folder.
Next thing to do was to copy the EntityFramework.dll. Summarized, the new remote files looks like:



And the psexec commands look like:
1. To see if EF is installed:

psexec \\server -u User -p Password "\\server\adrian$\gacutil\gacutil.exe" /l EntityFramework

2.Install the EntityFramework on GAC

psexec \\server -u User -p Password "\\server\adrian$\gacutil\gacutil.exe" /i "\\server\adrian$\EntityFramework.dll"


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