How a FileZilla bug made me sweat

Happy that I finished some minor task, I was starting to deploy on PR.

Then when I test, surprise, I get the error "Could not load file or assembly 'XXXX' or one of its dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.". Pfu. Never got this before, so I started googling. A lot of messages and the conclusion it was that the server is a 64 bit version and I have a 32 bit dll version. But not in my case, both where 32 bit, and the mystery raises more and more.

So I start doing foolish things, like when you do when the PR site is down and customers want to buy things from you. I even uploaded a 64 bit version, I restarted my machine, compiled, uploaded again with AnyCPU, 32, 64 even DEBUG mode. Nothing. Same error.

I've had a fresh build of Windows 7, so I thought this would be the problem. All day I had minor problems with the OS so I was suspecting it too.
Running out of time.

I go remote to the server. I recycle the App Pool. Nothing. Other sites on the server where working fine so I stop doing foolish things on server too.

I used FileZilla ( a version previous to upload the .dll files. While doing this I was seeing that from time to time the upload was interrupting, but in the end was done. A little bit weird, not enough though to get worried, even notice this for good.

But after 45 minutes of reading the same solution on google, trying the same things, even knowing is in vain :), I go the FileZilla to check that upload behaviour. It was happening on FTPS/implicit transfer. I rdc on server again and check the FTP server:

Data connection SSL warning: SSL3 alert write: fatal: bad record mac

Pfu. OK. With the hope that on FTP I won't have any problem, I uploaded again the files. I saw continuous transfer and when I finished, almost certain it will work the site, I refreshed the browser and voila, all working good again.

This is the kind of situation which really makes you to like to smoke a cigar watching the night on the 5th floor. Almost like after sex.

The bug was reported here


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